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Telecommute!: How You, Too, Can Make the Virtual Office
a Reality

Get out of bed, walk down the hall, switch on the computer and the fax machine.
Your commute to work is now over...
Virtual Tour Of Your Home Office

Imagine a home office with everything at your fingertips - where you can put
your hands on anything with your eyes closed. All you have to do is grab your
hard hat and a shovel and come with Cynthia Kirk - author, speaker,
organizer, and humorist - to get that office organized. This 75-page soft cover
book will teach you how to regain control over your workspace, get rid of the
stacks and piles on your desk, and set up systems for taking care of to-do's in
a timely manner. No one has to know that you weren't born organized - they'll
think it's simply natural talent! Plus, save $2.95 each 20+ books - perfect for all
your friends, family, and self-employed colleagues! Learn to: Clear out the
clutter in your office, Set up an efficient and effective workspace, Stay on top
of incoming paper, Manage ongoing projects more effectively.
Virtual Medical Office - Medical Coding

Gain realistic experience in a physician's office without leaving the classroom!
By using Elsevier's Virtual Medical Office learning system an Elsevier
textbook, a study guide, and interactive software students will develop critical
thinking and decision-making skills they'll need on the job. Each study guide
lesson directs the student through the textbook and software and presents
exercises offering practice in coding procedures and diagnoses, filing
insurance claims, troubleshooting rejected claims, catching common coding
errors, evaluating the office's compliance with HIPAA, keeping the policy
manual up to date, and much more. These exercises in combination with a
simulated medical practice bridge the gap between the classroom and the
real world. Money-saving package with the textbook is also available. Search
ISBN 1-4160-3041-7.
The Virtual Office Survival Handbook: What
Telecommuters and Entrepreneurs Need to Succeed in
Today's Nontraditional Workplace

Whether you're working at home, on the road, or in any other nontraditional
work arrangement, here's what you'll need to set up, survive, and thrive in the
virtual office. Alice Bredin, the leading authority on the virtual office, gives
you expert advice on: Getting there— choosing the right business idea,
negotiating for telecommuting, and selling your family on your new workstyle
Organizing yourself— structuring your environment, setting up a virtual office
in your home or car, dealing with a satellite office situation, choosing and
finding the best technology Maintaining your virtual office— staying in the
loop when you're not in an office, keeping in touch when you're on the road,
generating business, finding free publicity, adopting the habits of highly
successful virtual office workers, maintaining contact with the office or
customers, communicating effectively via technology Surviving— creating and
maintaining work/life balance, working at home with kids, avoiding overwork,
making sure your accomplishments are recognized, learning to take vacations,
staying away from the fridge, being a good boss to yourself Whether you are
contemplating this new work arrangement, actively in transition, or firmly
entrenched in this workplace revolution, this comprehensive guide is your
key to success in your new working environment.
Saunders Textbook of Medical Assisting - Text with
Intravenous Therapy, Workbook and Virtual Medical
Office Package

This convenient money-saving package is a must-have for students training
for a career in health care. It includes Saunders Textbook of Medical
Assisting with Intravenous Therapy, Workbook, and Virtual Medical Office.
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