2006-2013 Quality Business Solutions, LLC

The Quality Business Solutions, LLC (QBS) mission is to build strong client relationships while
helping clients become successful in the development and growth of their business.


The goal is to accomplish this mission with integrity and honesty while not forgetting that personal
touch of working one-on-one with QBS's clients and their customers.


Structured to give you, the client, the benefits of C.O.R.P.  

C - Commitment
- Committed to building strong working relationships.  I can work around almost
any obstacle.   

O - Organization - I utilize a Customer Relation Management (CRM) system to stay focused and
organized.  Am able to review what you or your customer's have communicated to us and develop
a plan of action that will satisfy the needs of all involved.

R - Reliability - You can rely on me to get the job done with the utmost professionalism and
without the worry of having to constantly supervise a staff to see that they are working.  You will
have peace of mind knowing that I am on your side.

P - Professionalism - You and your customers will love the way they are respected when they
work with me.  Your clients/customers are represented in the manner in which you choose for your
company.  You will receive the utmost respect and professionalism you would expect from anyone

Please feel free to visit all of the pages on my site to learn more about QBS and myself.  

For more information and a
No-Obligation, 1 Hour Complimentary Consultation please visit
Contact Us page, complete and submit the form.  I will gladly contact you within 24
hours to discuss your needs and how my services can benefit you.

As my logo states - I am "UR" VA.

Are you searching for new resources for your business?  Please visit the QBS Business Resources
page where you will find quality resources at very reasonable prices.
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