Drastic Rate Reduction to Save You

In today's economy everyone is giving something to keep our economy
 The average range for a virtual assistant is $50 - $100 per hour.  
That is crazy talk if you ask me.  My goal is to help you succeeded.  
I too am doing my part by giving all clients (potential, new, loyal,
and previous) a drastic price reduction.

Old Rate - $35 per hour before all discounts and specials.

NEW RETAINER RATE - $25 per hour.  I am excited to be able to offer this
new rate to my clients.  Retainers begin on the 1st of the month and retainer
fees are due at the beginning of the retainer period.  I will prorate the first
month if beginning after the 15th of the month.   

Here are my new retainer options and rates:

Option 1:  $30 per hour up to 7 hours per month (non-retainer)
(7-10 are billed at $35 per hour and 10+ are billed at $40 per hour)

Option 2:  $250 for 10 hours per month of retained work ($100 Savings)

Option 3:  $375 for 15 hours per month of retained work
($150 Savings)

Option 4:  $500 for 20 hours per month of retained work
($200 Savings)

Option 5:  $625 for 25 hours per month of retained work ($
250 savings)

Option 6:  $750 for 30 hours per month of retained work ($
300 savings)

Option 7:  $875 for 35 hours per month of retained work ($3
50 savings)

Option 8:  $1000 for 40 hours per month of retained work ($
400 savings).  

All hours worked over the alloted retainer hours are billable at $
30 p/h.  Any
unused hours will not be rolled over unto the next retainer period.

DISCOUNTS AND SPECIALS:  Because of this drastic reduction, the only
discount I currently offer is my "New Client Referral Discount".  My "New
Client Referral Discount" is 1 hour free service for every 10 hours of work
billed to the New Client for the first month of service.

Please feel free to visit all of the pages on my site to learn more about QBS and myself.
Please review my contract in draft form.  Let me know if there is anything you need
added/changed and we will work toward an agreement for both companies.

For more information and a
No-Obligation, 1 Hour Complimentary Consultation please
visit my
Contact Us page, complete and submit the form.  I will gladly contact you within
24 hours to discuss your needs and how my services can benefit you.

Please note, I no longer offer marketing as part of my business.  If you are in need, I can
put you in contact with vendors who specialize in the area of marketing you are looking

As my logo states - I am "UR" VA.

Are you searching for new resources for your business?  Please visit the QBS Business
Resources page where you will find quality resources at very reasonable prices.
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