Who is Quality Business Solutions?

Quality Business Solutions, LLC (QBS) is me - Tricia Kos.  

Due to our ever changing world of technology, I was able to enter this wonderful world of Virtual
Assistants while being able to take care of my home life.  

As a Virtual Assistant, I take pride in delivering to my clients quality services and solutions.  It is of
the utmost importance to me that client needs are professionally met at the expectation of my client.

I assist any size business, as well as individuals, with their day to day functions on a virtual basis.  
Through hard work and dedication, I strive to achieve greatness for my clients.  

I believe you have to "get off the fence" to make things happen.  

It is my goal to do what I can to see that your business prospers and grows.  Therefore, nothing
short of excellence in everything I do from effectively and efficiently handling client projects to
marketing my business is acceptable.  

To achieve excellence, I must uphold the
Virtual Assistants Code of Ethics.  This can sometimes
require me to "step out of the box", learn new skills, discuss uncomfortable subjects, and
understand the value of constructive feedback - even when it is hard to hear.  But, I know that I will
be a stronger, more effective VA for my client(s) by allowing myself to adapt when necessary.

I listen to The Client's needs, propose a plan of action, negotiate to a final plan, and then put the
agreed upon plan to work.  

Because of my experience, the worry of hiring, training, and coaching quality personnel is no longer
an issue, therefore making it easier for my clients to focus on the larger, more challenging issues.  

So tell me, what are your needs?  Let me make your life easier and let us become partners.  

Please feel free to visit all of the pages on my site to learn more about QBS and myself.
Please review my contract in draft form.  Let me know if there is anything you need
added/changed and we will work toward an agreement for both companies.

For more information and a
No-Obligation, 1 Hour Complimentary Consultation please visit
Contact Us page, complete and submit the form.  I will gladly contact you within 24
hours to discuss your needs and how my services can benefit you.

As my logo states - I am "UR" VA.

Are you searching for new resources for your business?  Please visit the QBS Business
Resources page where you will find quality resources at very reasonable prices.
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