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A:  I have come to a point in my career where I am ready to delegate the work
that is draining me of my time and energy therefore, prohibiting the expansion
of my business.  I need the extra time to focus on the growth of my business
without cutting into my home life.  I value quality and know the return on
investing in a great assistant will be multi-fold.

B:  I am curious about hiring a Virtual Assistant and have been toying with
the idea.  The thought of utilizing a Virtual Assistant is new territory for me and
am not certain how it would work with my business.   I am open to learning
more about delegating work to a trustworthy, dependable, and competent
Virtual Assistant.  I know this will afford me the time to expand my business
while increasing profits - therefore justifying the expense of a Virtual Assistant.
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A website can answer only so many questions and can at times seem impersonal leaving one to
wonder, "Is there really life attached to the other end?"  I have a wealth of information to share with
you.  For instance, the efficiency of a virtual assistant and what results you can expect.

Because you may have questions and need answers, I offer a no-cost, no-obligation, 1 Hour
Complimentary Consultation (either on the phone or, if you are in the St. Louis Region, in person).  
This gives us the opportunity to meet and discuss each other's company and operating practices.  
This Complimentary Consultation gives you the opportunity to learn exactly what services I can
provide and a "window" - so to speak - to see if a working relationship is possible.

I highly suggest that you do not make a decision on the spot, instead take a week to review the
information you receive during the Consultation, call me back if you have additional questions, and
analyze what I can provide against the practices you are currently utilizing.   We will schedule this
meeting during your consultation.  This second meeting is considered an extension of the 1 Hour
Complimentary Consultation (even if it goes over the hour).

If you find that your company better benefits with your current practices, then I thank you for your
time and appreciate the opportunity to discuss the possibility of doing business with you.  But, if on
the other hand you find that my services here at QBS save you precious time and/or money, we
should then start the contract negotiation phase as soon as possible and begin building a strong
working relationship together.

Please complete the form below and I will contact you within 24 hours to schedule your 1 Hour
Complimentary Consultation!
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