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 How will utilizing your services benefit me?

A.        Have you ever thought it would be nice to have that extra hand to get you through the
crunch periods, but did not have the extra equipment or space to bring in a temporary?  I can offer
that extra helping hand.  You get exactly what you need and pay for just that.  My professional
home office is equipped with desks, computers, high speed Internet access, printers, facsimile
machines, locking file cabinets and more.  I also utilize programs such as Microsoft Office
(Publisher, Word, Excel, etc.), QuickBooks Pro 2010 (I also can use QuickBooks online if you utilize
this program),  databases/CRMs, and more.  Not to mention my years of experience in the
Administrative Field which allow me to handle your project with utmost professionalism, quality, and
preciseness of which you would desire.

Q.  What are the benefits utilizing QBS's virtual assistant
services when the professional is virtually hundreds of miles

A.        When you utilize the services of QBS, you get assistance from someone who cares about
the future of your business.  Someone who appreciates that your workload fluctuates from
day-to-day and can "go with the flow".  And, in today's day and time, most communication is done
either through instant messaging, email, mail, fax, or on the phone - even when working in the
same building.  The use of today's technology is much faster and more accurate than the
technology of yesterday.  Instead of Office Space, you now have CyberSpace without the overhead.

Q.  Why would I need to utilized your benefits, I am self-sufficient
and take care of everything with my business?

A.        At some point in time, most people find they need that extra help - especially during growth
and expansion periods.  To avoid having the smaller issues fall through the cracks, I can step in
and take care of those issues which don't require your immediate attention.  For instance:
researching vendors for the best price, maintaining your customer contact base, managing your
calendar and appointments.  Having these issues handled by a qualified VA gives you your time
back with family and friends.  And, if there is one thing we all wish we had more of, it is time.  With
QBS, that is just one of the more important benefits you will be getting.

Q.  What type of businesses utilize your services?

A.        At QBS, in addition to lending a helping hand to large and small businesses, I also assist
the individual who needs the extra hand with their personal project or event.  My success is based
on the success of your task/project/event.  All tasks/projects/events a
re very important and are
taken very seriously with respect of the needs of my clients.  I am only as good as my last
task/project/event and strive to become better with each new endeavor.

Q.  What is the benefit of utilizing QBS's services over a local
temporary agency?

A.        With QBS you are building a client relationship - you will be working one-on-one with a
professional who will grow with your  company/task/project/event, learn your needs, and perform on
your behalf.  I will assist you with your tasks/projects/events, know what you are looking for, and
how you prefer to be represented.  So when your clients need assistance, I will be able to
professionally represent you and assist your clients without you having to do half of the work first.  
QBS you gain a "Partner" without giving up any of the Quality you expect.

Q.  How do I know I can trust hiring a Virtual Assistant?

A.        Many people wonder about the integrity and professionalism of someone who works from
home.  It is a trust building relationship, just as it is when you work in the same office with
co-workers.  With QBS you have CyberSpace replacing the need for Office Space, yet providing
the same communication technologies and services of the Office Space - but much more

Q.  Is there a minimum time frame that I have to utilize QBS's

A.        No.  But just as people in the corporate world stay with the same company for many years
and build quality working relationships, the same possibilities are available with QBS.  After all, who
wants to continually train someone new to do the job.  Plus, when you continually train someone,
they really don't build that relationship with you, you still end up doing half of the work, and training
new people cost you money.  My goal is to build strong working relationships that last and grow
together.  And for those utilizing QBS's personal services, I want to be there for each event you
and your family and friends are having - to make your event the best it can be.

Q.  How will utilizing QBS's services save me money?

A.        With QBS, you only pay for what you use.  In other words, you only pay for the time,
services, and/or incidentals (such as postage, printing, etc.) that are utilized.  Many times
employees are paid an hourly wage when there is virtually no work for them to do.  As the
employer, you don't want to "waste" money by paying someone to do nothing.  This leaves you
basically with two choices: either spend your precious time searching for work for them instead of
making money yourself or "waste" your money and pay them to do nothing.  

Q.  How much will your services cost me and/or my company?

A.        QBS costs are dependent upon your needs -  The Rates page provides a complete price
listing of our services and are designed to save you the most money.  Please visit the
Contact Us
Page and complete the form so that we can schedule your Complimentary, One-hour Consultation.

Q.  Why Choose QBS?

A.        With QBS, you will get an assistant who still cares about people and their needs.  I will go
the extra mile to see that your needs are met.  When you choose QBS - it is like adding that extra
helping hand we always wish we had to get the job done, but without the extra expenses of office
space, equipment, staff, and benefits.

Q.  What can I expect?

A.        With QBS you will find that you have made the right choice.  I understand the concerns of
the individual, small business man, as well as larger businesses when it come to accomplishing a
project and completing tasks in a professional, timely manner.  I have a great deal of experience
with projects of all sizes.  Sometimes, many clients have "crunch projects" that need to be
completed yesterday.  I will do everything possible to see to it that your work is completed
professionally and on-time.

Please feel free to visit all of the pages on my site to learn more about QBS and myself.  

For more information and a
No-Obligation, 1 Hour Complimentary Consultation please visit
Contact Us page, complete and submit the form.  I will gladly contact you within 24
hours to discuss your needs and how my services can benefit you.

As my logo states - I am "UR" VA.

Are you searching for new resources for your business?  Please visit the QBS Business Resources
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